A National Coalition of Martial Art Federations

A National Coalition of Martial Art Federations

Martial Arts in Canada are at risk!!

There have been legal battles against the athletics boards and provincial government across Canada in the last 10 years regarding operating with or without permission of the government. The structure of our laws for martial arts falls under the Criminal Code, section 83, which defines "Prize fighting" and who oversees the permitting of prize fights. For WKU Canada and its sanctioned events, it has been clear from the start that the involvement of athletic boards and their expressed and very intrusive interpretation of their authority (in BC prior to April 8th, 2024 especially), indicates that the government of Canada seeks to oversee and govern our Martial Arts regardless of the impact on the nature of our sports and arts. Thus far, as we have experienced in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and now British Columbia, this is not beneficial for any Martial Artists who are seeking a martial arts experience, especially in the amateur realm. Furthermore, the conduct of select appointed commissioners such as in BC has led to their positions being handled in a manner that does not provide equal opportunity for all entities applying for permits to run events. This can be seen as a violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is also in violation of administrative conduct.

Martial Art Schools At Risk

At the moment, as per its current wording, the Criminal Code also allows for the interpretation that provincial governments may implement measures and structures to oversee and govern Martial Arts schools with the same outlook as we have experienced as event hosts. If unchallenged, this overreach will extend from tournaments and events to clubs in all provinces, requiring government permission to operate inside your own dojos, schools, or clubs. This effectively will undermine the nature of our sports and, more significantly, our art.

Proposed Plan

WKU Canada plans to challenge government overreach and spearhead the implementation of a body that is recognized and able to permit events on a Federal level. This body would consist of existing federations in Canada such as WKU and others that share our concerns and desires for self-regulation. This organization would govern with the best interests of its communities and sports at heart. Additionally, it will stand strong and represent other organizations or groups not part of this body or coalition who are practicing the same or similar sports. It is our belief that all sports should not be governed by arbitrarily chosen, communally disconnected entities or panels who lack knowledge of the sports they govern or the safety measures required, and it should be equally accessible to everyone.

WKU Canada will need the help and support of all martial artists across Canada. For legal fees and administrative costs, we will be starting a GoFundMe to help finance these major organizational steps needed to put our communities in a position of self-governance. A formal plan outline with GoFundMe information is in the works, and we will be updating you in the near future.

The future of martial arts in Canada is at stake, and WKU Canada is dedicated to fighting this battle with the same fierce determination as the competitors who embody the fighting spirit of our communities!

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