WKU Canada is growing across Canada. As we see many new competitors joining our organization, we also plan to expand the number of events we host. Events range from tournaments - compition events, all the way to seminars and belt grading events - where members will educate and be certified in WKU practices. 

WKU Canada aside, WKU host dozens of events across the globe. Events include prestigeous profecional fight nights, World Championships, International training events & seminars, major largescale international tournaments.

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Tournaments create opportunities for the expansion and evolution of martial arts and evolve the attributes of the competitors so that they become  more resilient people. Tournaments premote self-discipline, confidence, setting goals, focus, and self-protection all while giving people a community and a goal-driven, healthy activity.

Tournaments also provide martial art institutions the opertunity to stretch thier feet and bond with thier students on a diffrent level then that in the Dojo. 

WKU offers many tournaments each year. Check out our National and International tournaments listings coming up this year!



Seminars offer a break from everyday training while still continuing lessons and imparting valuable knowledge. These events offer an exciting change of pace and give attendees the opportunity to focus their energy and become excited about learning new concepts from new teachers. Seminars offer connections between attendees so they can learn from one another, and visiting different cities across Canada can be highly beneficial for personal growth.

Seminars are beneficial for students and trainers alike, with learning opportunities for all ages and skill levels and encourage continued growth. Seminars also offer connections for all ages and skill levels to deepen their connection with the martial arts community.

WKU offers National and International seminars. Follow the links below to find the seminars right for you!

Fight Nights

Fight Nights

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WKU is building partnerships with community organizations, clubs, and local businesses to bring as many Canadians as possible into martial arts. WKU is committed to building partnerships to make our events a reality that benefits all of our nation.

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