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WKU is a martial arts, fitness and physical literacy organization that supports skill development and knowledge transfer of martial arts. WKU hosts events, workshops and seminars, and provides scholarships, learning tools, training and classes in communities across the country. These may include local, national, and international opportunities.

Our organization aims to help marginalized martial artists who may otherwise not receive opportunities to participate in martial arts or competitions while simultaneously fostering bonds with the Calgary community. WKU is a community-focused group that aims to improve martial arts for all people while getting the community involved in the sport, the tourism aspects, and the other benefits provided by large martial arts groups and tournaments.

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WKU is building partnerships with community organizations, clubs, and local businesses to bring as many Canadians as possible into martial arts. WKU is committed to building partnerships to make our events a reality that benefits all of our nation.

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WKU has a variety of teammates of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. We are a diverse group of skilled athletes with over 1,000 members including coaches, referees, and regional representatives across the country. Our membership is also growing at a significant rate and we are excited to gain new teammates who can grow with us. Meet our sensei in Canada!

Maeghen Cotterill

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If you are ready to join a diverse and inclusive space for martial arts and combat sports, contact us today!

The WKU is always excited to welcome new members of all skill levels and for all positions, ranging from competitors, to coaches, to referees. No matter your contribution, get involved and find your community here!

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