About Us

About Us

WKU Canada serves as the national arm of the esteemed martial arts organization, WKU World, which orchestrates the prestigious WKU World Championships annually, uniting 70 nations and boasting over 20,000 competitors. Our organization hosts a diverse array of amateur and professional events, alongside workshops, seminars, and educational initiatives, extending scholarships, training, and classes to communities worldwide.

Our mission at WKU Canada is to elevate standards and opportunities for martial artists at every level, be they competitors, schools, referees, or event organizers. Moreover, we are dedicated to reshaping misconceptions and dispelling negative stereotypes surrounding martial arts, with a vision to garner increased governmental recognition in Canada. Such recognition promises to unlock new avenues for both domestic and international martial artists.

In upholding our commitment to excellence, WKU Canada embodies the core tenets revered in martial arts studios worldwide, placing paramount importance on discipline, focus, respect, and self-control within our code of conduct.

Numerous martial arts opportunities await with WKU and WKU Canada, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming both new and familiar faces alike!

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The WKU is always excited to welcome new members of all skill levels and for all positions, ranging from competitors, to coaches, to referees. No matter your contribution, get involved and find your community here!

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