Code Of Conduct

The WKU Code of Conduct is applicable across all WKU events and required of all who plan to affiliate themselve with WKU

WKU officials reserve the right to remove any person(s) from an event or disqualify an individual, including spectators and competitors, should they be in breach of our Code of Conduct. Guardians and martial arts schools, can be held responsible for their actions and the actions of their children and or students. Guardian and Schools both represent children and students, just as much as their children and students represent them. If a major breach of our Code of Conduct is found, possible repercussions may include: the removal of all family members from an event and/or team, or the removal of all school members from any event and/or team. In very extreme cases WKU will even suspend or ban all members from a school if continued breaches of our Code of Conduct are found.

Members and spectators will adhere to the following:

  • Not behave in a reckless or dangerous manner at events or behave to put anyone else at risk of injury.
  • Be courteous to all others including but not limited to competitors, instructors, students, WKU staff, WKU volunteers, spectators, and any other people in the vicinity of WKU events. Fighting (apart from tournament competition purposes or for self defence purposes) is not tolerated.
  • Not speak or conduct him or herself in a derogatory manor. Verbal or physical threats are not tolerated.
  • Not do anything at events which could constitute or make the host liable in nuisance or increase the cost of the host's insurance. Ensure respect towards facilities is maintained.
  • Not attend or be present at events while his or her ability to function is impaired by alcohol, drugs, or illness. Any form of substance abuse (alcohol, marijuana, etc.) at the event, or present whilst inebriated or under influence is not tolerated.
  • Appropriate or otherwise make use of any intellectual property of the WKU or WKU Canada or hold himself or herself out as being associated, affiliated, or otherwise connected with WKU or WKU Canada without the prior written consent of WKU or WKU Canada which may be arbitrarily withheld.
  • Competitors, coaches, and referee bodies are required to know and understand the regulations for all participating disciplines. Failure to know or understand regulation may result in removal from respective participation. 

Like all martial arts schools and events, ensure you are respectful of all those around you.  Everyone at events have the responsibility to maintain a respectful environment.

In addition to general rules, there are also safety regulations that must be met to attend WKU events, competitors must adhere to the following:

  • Present a medical note where required, notes for events are generally valid for one year and can be written by a general physician, family doctor, walk in clinic or any other doctorial medical professional. Unless otherwise posted you may assume the aforementioned
  • Ensure that appropriate considerations are given regarding mental and physical health. 
  • Extreme dieting and dehydration weight loss practices are permitted, provided a dieting coach and a doctor have signed-off and acknowledged such practices and that the competitor is ready to participate in the event.

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