Head Injuries

Head Injuries

Head injuries are very serious. WKU Canada thinks it be prudent to educate its members of the risks associated with the conduct of martial arts sports where such injuries can happen and that our members are aware of certain situations, what they should and shouldn't do.

Please note that although we take all necessary precautions to ensure our events are run safely and fairly, like in all sports, there are veriables outside of our control. Despite our best efforts, accidents can and do happen, and it is the responsibility of event hosts and organizers, as well as competitors and coaches, to help mitigate such chances.

A competitor who engages in sports martial arts does so while aware that injury is always a possibility.

WKU Canada will be taking steps to help reduce likelihood of head injuries starting with education and the implementation of additional policies for our 2024 WKU National Championships and on.


Water Cutting


Water Cutting - A technique used in professional sports to reduce a competitor's weight at the time of weigh-in. The WKU strongly discourages this practice in amateur sporting events, especially at events that have same-day divisions (weigh-in and compete same day), and without adequate professional oversight by a sports nutritionist or doctors. The reason this practice is to be avoided is that our bodies require water to function. Every cell, tissue, and organ requires water to survive, especially in the wake of high-intensity martial arts sports. In the case of martial arts where head injuries are a possibility, water is furthermore required; it acts as a protective barrier or an “airbag“ for our brain. When an impact occurs, this barrier helps reduce the likelihood of injury. By removing water from your system during these water cutting practices, we inadvertently also remove this protective barrier, thus increasing the likelihood of major injury. What could be harmless headbanging while listening to your favorite rock could now lead to a life-threatening brain injury.

Compounding Concussions

Compounding Concussions - Compounding concussions are concussions received after pre-existing unhealed concussions. Not to be confused with repetative concussions, where concussions are given the ability to heal. The likelihood of a brain bleed due to a compounded concussion is higher then a issolated concussion. When a concussion happens, it's crucial to give your brain adequate time to heal. Failure to do so increases the risk of sustaining further injuries, which can lead to more severe consequences, including brain bleeds. Additionally the cumulative effect of multiple concussions can result in long-term damage to cognitive function and overall brain health.

Repetitive Concussion

Repetitive concussions - Repeated concussions can increase the risk of various brain injuries, including brain bleeds. While not every repeated concussion will result in a brain bleed, the cumulative effect of multiple concussions can weaken the blood vessels in the brain and make them more susceptible to rupture. This is particularly concerning if concussions are not given adequate time to heal between occurrences (Compounding Concussions). The exact relationship between repeated concussions and brain bleeds is complex and can vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of the concussions, the duration between injuries, and the overall health of the individual. However, it's important to recognize that each concussion represents a potential insult to the brain, and experiencing multiple concussions increases the overall risk of adverse outcomes, including brain bleeds.

Please note: Unfortunately, even a medical exam by a physician is unlikely to reveal evidence of either a repetitive or compounding concussion. It becomes the responsibility of the competitors, coaches, and instructors to educate themselves to recognize when a competitor should not compete nor be allowed to compete, no matter how badly they want to. All martial artists participating in combat sports should take appropriate steps to ensure they are not participating under any of the above circumstances as repercussions of the above could lead to serious injury.

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