May 11th 2024 WKU Team Canada Training Seminar

Coming to Burnaby BC, May 11th 2024 is WKU National Team Training Seminar. 

The seminar is set to focus on how a competitor should conduct themselves to be successful at a National or International levels of events. 

This event will also serve as a comitment verification tool for those who have applied to be placed on the WKU Canadian National Team before any kind of placemnet at the Nationals event in July, 2024, and as such is attendece is a requirment condition of thier pre aproval.

The event will cover multiple disciplines and is open to all martial artist including those who are:

  • Competitors persuing to become members of Team Canada 2024 or future
  • Those not persuing a position on team Canada
  • Individuals interested in the disciplines offered
  • Canadian and non Canadian Citizens are also welcome

The seminar will be available via a zoom option for remote or long distance travelers for the purposes of accomodation.

In person attendance is recommended for those who are in the Burnaby area, and we recommend that you register ASAP as limited space is available. 

Seminar Details

The following is the general event information:

  • Time: May 11th, 2024 - 12:00PM - 4:00PM PST
    • 12:00PM - 1:00PM: Kumite
    • !:00PM - 1:45PM: Point Fighting
    • 1:45PM - 2:30PM: Forms
    • 2:30PM-3:15PM: Continuous Karate (Light Contact & Kick Light Varients)
    • 3:15PM-4:00PM: Continuous Karate (Full Contact) & K1 Kickboxing
  • Location: Intention Martial Arts Acadamy (IMAA) - 3665 Kingsway Burnaby.
  • Cost and Payment: $40CAD per discipline registered. Payable via E-transfer to Payment is due by start of seminar and is required for confirmation to in person possition or access to virtual classroom.

Seminar instructors

The May 11th Team Canada Training Seminar will be spearheaded by industry prefessionals.

WKU Canada is pleased to announce that Sensei Scott Taylor, an industry expert and the head of the Canadian Uechi-ryu Karate Association, will be spear heading the Kumite program in Canada under WKU Canada. Sensei Scott has decades of Kumite experience on an international level and we are excited to welcome him to the WKU Community. Sensei Scott will be taking on the Kumite segment of the seminar and the lesson is strongly advised to be attended. The lesson will feature general Kumite concepts ranging from rules to strategies and will also include a practical portion filled with drills, and scoring concepts. Lets show our support for Sensei Scott and welcome him to WKU together.

Point Fighting and Forms will be handled by the internationally revered Sensei Marlon Bonilla. Sensei Marlon has decades of expertise in both discipline types, and is the perfect individual to lead these two programs given his tournament expertise dating back in the prime of the NBA. Marlon has the both the skill and technical understanding to guide team Canada to success, and anyone who misses these seminars, is sure to be at a disadvantage come Nationals and Worlds.

Tareq Abu Khadra, the President of WKU Canada will be taking on the Light Contact variations of Continuous Karate divisions (Kick Light Low Kick and Standard). He has amassed multiple attendances to WKU and WKC world championships and has been very successful both on the National and International scenes, having placed gold on both stages. Sensei Tareq will be providing key information so that competitors who attend his seminar gain the tools needed to further their chances of success at the National and World Championship levels. Given the delicacy of this discipline in respect to governemental opinions regarding the saftey of this sport, Sensei Tareq will be focusing on light contact concepts in addition to general success tactics and optics to ensure our WKU competitors know what light contact is and can preform the discipline when attending our events. 

Finally we have our Full contact divisions being conducted by non other than Hanshi Marwan Abu Khadra. Hanshi Marwan has Over 50 Years of martial arts experience and has amassed multiple world titles both in full contact and light contact. In the 80s and 90s Hanshi Marwan fought along side his teammates on the German National team including the prestigious Klaus Nonnemacher (WKU World President). At this time Hanshi Marwan’s expertise are revered on a International level as he is amongst the most reputable martial artists in the amateur Martial Arts World. He now acts as the official head referee for WKU World and will be in attendance in Greece, ensuring all rings are conducted according to the rules. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most talented and recognized martial artists in the World, and get an inside scoop on full contact divisions for the 2024 World Championships in Greece. (Full Contact Karate & K1 Kickboxing)


Registration Details

Registration for the event will be left open until the start of the seminar (12PM PST, May 11th, 2024).

In person attendance: In person attendance is reserved on a first come first serve basis, based on payment reception. If you are attending in person, be sure to bring your fighting equipment, uniforms, towels, and water bottles.

Virtual attendance: Virtual attendance will be open to all. during the registration process, WKU Canada will collect your email where access codes to the seminar will be provided. Access codes will be provided closer to the event itself on May 10th. Additionally, please ensure that provided names match the names that will be listed on zoom. Only individuals who have payed and are registered will be allowed into sessions.

For educational purposes the seminar will be recorded. If you have any issues with being included in any video content (In person), please feel free to reach out!

Refund Policy: In the event that a sagment or whole seminar are cancelled, participents will be fully refunded. Unless a mediacal is presented no refunds will be available past May 4th. 

We look forward to seeing you all for the first WKU Canada event this year!

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