Staking With DOJO

Staking With DOJO

If you are interested in joining the DOJO community and helping us support the development of youthful martial artists while earning some rewards, delegating your voting power with DOJO is an amazing opportunity to achieve that.

DOJO is aiming to earn a 6-8% ROI for its delegators. 3% of all rewards earned by the pool (3% of delegator's ROI) will be converted into sponsorships for athletes.

To delegate to DOJO, you will require two things: ADA and a Cardano POS supported wallet such as Daedalus or the Yoroi wallets. Once you have your ADA purchased, you can proceed to the staking page where you can choose what pool you will delegate to. You can find the DOJO stakepool under the DOJO ticker. Once you have selected DOJO as your pool, it will take up to 2 epochs (10 days) for everything to sync and before you might receive rewards.

Please note: When a delegator delegates, they never rescind control of their ADA. A delegator always maintains full control of their ADA and is only providing their voting power to the stakepool.

Please note: Any ADA or other cryptocurrency purchases made are done at your own risk. This is in no way financial advice, and appropriate precautions should be taken before making any investments.