Additional Head Injury Protocols

Additional Head Injury Protocols

Reducing the likelyhood of head injuries is the responsibility of all individuals relevent in the conduct of martial arts. Unfortunatly, no matter our efforts, they still can and do occure. 

In light of recent events, WKU Canada would like to take additional steps to help reduce the chances of head injury even further by implimneting addditional protocals. Please ensure that protocols are followed as they are absolute and will be enforeced starting the 2024 WKU National Championships. Failure to adhere to additional protcols can lead to sever consiquences.

Check out our head injury awarness section below

Implemented Protocols

As of April 2024, WKU Canada will be taking a harsher stance on head injurys. The following protocols will be in effect (weather new or existing) for the 2024 WKU National Championships in July:

  • Medical Notes: Examination dated no older then 12 months. All competitors must have medical approval even for forms divisions.

  • Absolutely no water cutting. If a competitor is found to have been water cutting, they will be disqualified from all registered divisions without the option for a refund.

  • Contact levels in divisions will be very strict and acted upon immediately. Excessive contact will result in the immediate enactment of official warning of magnitude 1 or greater depending on the severity of the the contact infraction. In the event that the infraction is sever enough our center referees will be empowered to disqualify a competitor without prior warnings. These would be extreme cases.

In addition to the strict policies being implemented or focused upon, our events will also be focusing on the following:

  • Very select center referees with the utmost understandings of discipline rules and safety requirements needed and a grasp of the situation at stake.

  • The implimentation of cameras at each table for critical review of the conduct that takes place during divisions. This will also allow for referencing after the division should any issues arise in regards to competitor health issues.

Additional Policies and Reminders

We would also like to remind that competitors who have within the last 5 years competed in one or more professional Martial Arts bouts, will not be permitted to participate in any WKU combative divisions as WKU Canadian National Championships is a amateur event.

In regards to all above mentioned regulations, any instances of discovered deceit, will result in the immediate permanent banning of an individual/competitor from all WKU events in the World as per our rights to do so expressed within our Code of Conduct.

Given the circumstances, we hope that these measures help you understand the severity of our intent, and that above all else, the safety of the competitor is our top priority. If you have any question or concerns regarding the safety, conduct or our Nationals event, please reach out to us!

For more infmration regarding head injuries, check out WKU Canada's Head injury awarness page!

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